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Papikondalu tour with campfire

Papikondalu is very popular for camping. People arrive in groups, spend a night in middle of the forest and experience the nature from the closest point. We would like to teach you some techniques so that your stay at papihills will become a memorable experience. One of the popular activities during the night stay is having conversations near a campfire.

One thing that makes a campfire not so enjoyable is the smoke in the face. The smoke just follows you wherever you go around the campfire area.

Here we tell you the techniques which hopefully going to atleast reduce or completely eliminate the smoke that follows you near the camp area.

Now this is actually a kind of multi step process. However the first step leads you to the core part. First part discusses about covering, kind of half fire like a fire lock. The process is significantly efficient and very simple.

It requires three things for performing the task. Those three things are,
Fuel (Obviously fuser wood)
Oxygen (Always available)
Heat (The fire itself builds up the heat)
These three things work in a combination to get the ultimate fire.

To start with the process, select relatively plain surface and dig a nice deep fire pit preferably in oval shape. Common mistake most people do is that they pile up the wood and burn it. When pile up the wood, you are creating deficiency of oxygen inside the pile. Oxygen will have a hard time to get underneath the pile and feed the fire by burning the fuel. That’s not the way.

Most of the time, the culprit behind is the lack of good fire. We need one big solid rock of 50-60 cm size and another 20 rocks of around 15 cm sizes. Make sure the big rock has a nice flat face on one side and could stand in a nearly vertical position. Keep the big rock at one end of the fire pit and arrange the rest of the rocks in such a way that the pit is completely surrounded except for a space on the opposite side of the big rock. This space is for allowing healthy supply of oxygen for the fire, which is one of the key reasons to get optimal firewe we want.

The residual unburnt fuel along with heated air is actually going to hit the big rock (acting like a backstop). Smoke is usually attracted to objects. With this system in place, the efficient supply of oxygen burns the fuel with right heat and rest of the minimal unburnt wood hits the back stop and moves upward in one single direction. So it is not going to fall on the people or in the fire. It will be pretty much confined to one area which is what we want.