Papikondalu Tour

Papikondalu – Enjoy exploring where your heart takes you

Visit Papikondalu. Coined as the Land of Grace, Andhra Pradesh, one of the largest states in India is a land prized by natural tropical beauty and rich in a history of culture. Tracking back to the years during the British colonial period, Andhra Pradesh was forged solely by tin mining and rubber tree plantations, and the remains of those era are still visible today with its rich historical values.

Today, Andhra Pradesh continues to be a charming state bustling with vibrant people, always welcomes an exchange of warm gestures with its booming tourism industry as more visitors are attracted to the rustic charm of old colonial buildings which are now preserved and repurposed to fit modern lifestyle.

Not to forget the uniqueness of Papi Hills’s natural beauty from the white sandy river banks and amazing underwater treasures, to the magnificent caves that dates back thousands of years and natural rainforest that goes back even millions of years.

Be either the narrator of the many stories you gather or embark on a journey of mystery, excitement and luxury with your friends and family in the world of Papikondalu… waiting to welcome you with open arms.

Papikondalu tour is synonymous with gastronomic adventure and local food fest with its unique one-of-a-kind cafe’s and restaurant.. Locals and foreign tourist alike will head over to papikondalu for the pleasure of feasting on the vast variety of exciting cuisines available in any corner of the town.

You can find everything from the simplest street food and food-truck style kiosks to the mouth watering Indian food which has been in business for decades. Plus the latest craze with the ‘Natural Style’ cafe popping up across papikondalu, gaining it the ‘Natural Town’ nickname cited in newspapers, magazines and countless blogs.

Here are some timeless collection of the well-known cafe’s and restaurants in Papikondalu. Have a blast!