papikondalu trip

One of the top ecotourism destination

Papikondalu trip have been recognized by the Indian government, for its natural diversity and ecological significance. Punnami tourism provides visitors with good minimal impact guided tours allowing you to experience the very best of the national heritage site.

Our credible guides specializing in the environmental and cultural aspects of the papihills region walk you through the thick forest, one of the tallest waterfalls in the country and the tribal villages. They show you what the locals do to produce for their self sufficient community. We want you to get dirty when you go to the waterfall. When you visit a local dairy, we want you to milk a cow, create your cheese. We want you to feed the fishes in the pond and may be catch one for your dinner. Accessing remote oldness gives you a soothing experience and understanding of the natural history & ecology of the spectacular region of papikondalu. It is a good oppurtunity to witness the sandstone deposits, lots of mosses, thousands of fungi, which are really amazing to touch and feel.

Papikondalu trip organized by punnami tourism is one of the advanced eco tours in Andhra Pradesh. Walking into the papihills is just part of the trip. You can feed the monkeys, have a breakfast along with birds, play with rabbits, what not.

This is what recent visitors say:

Madhavi (Manager, ICICI): I feel that this journey has been enlightening. We have seen lot of new species which we saw in pictures before, read in books. It just feels to be great and experience it all in firsthand.

Rakesh (Consultant, Maxlife): It has been really wonderful experience; we have got to see lot of flora and fauna. We had a good time.

MIthuna (Student, Khammam): It was great. We had to do a lot of going up and down. Hiking is nice. I would recommend it definitely.